University of Edinburgh Free Online Course on Introduction to Marketing

The University of Edinburgh is offering free online course on Introduction to Marketing: Tools to Set Enterprises Apart. This course is intended for those who want to learn practical marketing strategies and tools that enable enterprises to stand out in a competitive marketplace.

onlineThis business and management course will help you understand the role of marketing and introduce you to the latest tools to help create value and competitive advantage for an enterprise. The course will start on September 5, 2016.

Course At A Glance

Length:  6 weeks
Effort:  2-3 hours/week
Subject: Business & Management
Institution: University of Edinburgh and edX
Languages: English
Price:  Free
Certificate Available: Yes. Verified Certificate for $49
Session:  Course Starts on September 5, 2016 – Self-Paced

Providers’ Details

Delivering excellence in teaching and learning. Consistently ranked as one of the world’s top 50 universities and top 3 UK provider of online Masters courses. The University of Edinburgh offers over 700 diverse degree programmes with over 31,000 students currently studying with us from across the world.

About This Course

Want to learn how successful businesses use marketing to increase revenue, share and profitability?

In an increasingly competitive market, marketing skills are vital to help organizations stand out, win customers, build loyalty and sustain long-term impact and returns.

This business and management course will help you understand the role of marketing and introduce you to the latest tools to help create value and competitive advantage for an enterprise. In an exciting age where innovation and new business models are required to stay ahead of competitors, we explore how new players in a market can achieve impact through marketing, providing you with unique insight to even apply within your own business venture.

Learn how to build a compelling value proposition, establish presence in a market, and compete effectively against rivals.  Learn how marketers use segmentation, targeting, positioning, branding, design, pricing, channels and integrated marketing communications to win against competitors, attract customers and build brand loyalty.

No previous knowledge of marketing is needed. All you need is an open-mind and the ability to think creatively.

Why Take This Course?

This is a free online course. Applicants can get a verified certificate.

Learning Outcomes

  • How marketing creates value
  • How marketing can influence perceptions, purchasing and loyalty
  • How segmentation, targeting and positioning can lead to more effective and profitable marketing
  • How successful brands are developed and sustained
  • How design, pricing, distribution, communication, people, process and physical evidence can be used to build compelling and profitable marketing strategies
  • How to develop digital marketing strategies, particularly through gamification

Course Format

Week 1 – Role of Marketing
Week 2 – Consumers and Consumption
Week 3 – Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
Week 4 – Designing Products and Services
Week 5 – Pricing and Channels
Week 6 – Communicating and Engaging




Malcolm Kirkup

Malcolm Kirkup is Professorial Director of MBA Programmes and Educational Innovation at the University of Edinburgh Business School.

How To Join This Course

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  • Choose “Register Now” to get started.
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