MBA Scholarship of The Graduate school of Business Chonnam National University

The Graduate school of Business Chonnam National University offers an exciting opportunity to international students who desire to pursue an MBA program in Korea. The Global MBA program explores into the business issues around the world for both day and evening classes.

chungnam-universityThe program has grown over the years through practical education, global orientation and interdisciplinary education that helps students launch or propel their future career in business

Admission Criteria

You must have a degree from an approved institution or be completing your degree by August of the application year.

English Proficiency

If you not from English speaking countries and did not graduate from any of the countries you will need to take TOEFL and IELTS as a proof of English proficiency. You may request for a waiver for this requirement if you are from US, UK, Canada, Australia, or other English speaking countries.

Statement of financial adequacy

Except you have received scholarship from the school, if you are applying for visa you will need to present state of account to show yu have enough resources to see you through your program.

Computer Literacy

To succeed in the MBA program, you would need competency in spreadsheet and presentation software.

Application Requirement




The CNU GSB is committed to helping students finance their MBA education. There are financial aid options available for international students in the form of need- and merit-based scholarships, and graduate assistant stipend. Following scholarships are offered to successful international applicants.

GSB Global Leaders Scholarship

The GSB operates Global MBA Scholarship Program (GLSP) providing international students with a range of scholarships. Scholarship awards range from 100% to 40% of tuition. The selections are made on the basis of academic excellence, language proficiency, professional merit, career experience and financial needs. Scholarship recipients are required to have excellent academic performance to maintain their scholarships.

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