Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology Global Intern Program, Korea

The Global Intern Program offers students from countries around the world an opportunity to stay at GIST for a short period (typically six weeks over summer) to receive training and carry out research.

Gwangju-Institute-Of-Science-And-Technology-Global-Intern-ProgramWho can Apply

The Global Intern Program accepts applications from juniors and seniors in an undergraduate program and master’s students in a graduate program in their home country.

The Global Intern Program is designed to provide knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • – School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • – School of Materials Science and Engineering
  • – School of Mechanical Engineering
  • – School of Environmental Science and Engineering
  • – School of Life Sciences
  • – School of Physics and Chemistry
  • – Department of Biomedical Science and Engineering

Participants of the Program will be assigned to specific laboratories and receive their research training under the supervision of the professors in charge of the laboratories.

More information about the participating laboratories can be obtained from the GIST website ( Applicants should indicate in their applications the laboratories they want to be assigned to in the order of preference.

Student Support

One-way Airfare (Economy Class)

Medical Insurance (during the program)

Dormitory (two persons per room)

Culture Trip and Korean Class (offered free of charge)

Monthly Stipend $250


GIP enrollment is limited to schools that have an on-going memorandum of understanding (MoU) with GIST, and the applicant must be matched with a GIST professor to ensure eligibility.

To apply the MoU organization should recommend students and send GIST students’ CV. After that, they will contact the students directly and let them know how to apply.

Program Schedule

Summer session: October 7- December 2

Fall Session: June 24- August 18

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