Study Visit to the Hague

28 November – 2 December 2016 | the Hague, Netherlands

the-hugae-netherlandsStudy visit for youth leaders/youth workers to UN-institutions and other international organizations in the Hague to learn about their work and develop a network of youth organizations interested in working with international projects!

We invite youth workers/youth leaders to join a Study visit to Hague. The aim of study visit is to give youth workers/youth leaders the idea on the work of international organizations and develop new partnerships.

The Hague is one of the international centers for UN-institutions and other international organizations. During the visit participants will visit Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, Permanent Court of Arbitration and other organizations. During each visit the participants will learn about the work of the organization. The participants also will have the opportunity to learn how youth workers/youth leaders can get involved in the work of international organizations.

In addition to visiting international organizations, the participants will meet youth workers/youth leaders from other countries to discuss the possibilities of new projects together including the new projects where UN-institutions and other international organizations can be involved.

The visit will introduce the international organizations to youth workers/youth leaders. It will allow them to understand better their work and their role in society. The visit will contribute to personal and professional development of youth leaders and will let them to acquire new knowledge and skills which they can use in their work.

The Study visit will allow youth workers/youth leaders to understand how youth organizations can cooperate with UN-institutions and other organizations. We hope one of the outcomes of the project will be the development of new partnerships among participants and the international organizations that they will visit.

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