Kumamoto University Call for papers, participation, and abstracts

19-22 November, 2016 Come to Japan to experience the autumn colors, warm hospitality, delicious food and international debate.

kumamoto-unversity-japan19-20 Nov Bioethics & Conflict Resolution in the Age of Advanced Technology 21 Nov Disaster and Disaster Ethics 22 Nov Looking Beyond Disaster (LBD) What we did and/or what we can do to rebuild communities This conference is will include presentations and discussion in an informal setting with some of Japan’s leading bioethicists, and some international colleagues.

There is no financial assistance available. Registration fee for 19-21 Nov is JPY2,000 (USD 20 total for 3 days) including lunch on 20th and 21st and breaks; excluding Reception dinner fee (JPY4,000). Conference starts 1pm on the 19th. Registration fee for 22 Nov is JPY2,000 for 1 day.

Assistance can be provided in making economical hotel reservations for all nights (accommodation costs are estimated to be JPY7,000 per night from 19th through 22nd) Submit 300 word abstracts for all days to Secretariat: Ms. Kai Ito, HIGO Program, University of Kumamoto, Kumamoto, Japan Email: i-kai@kumamoto-u.ac.jp (including for invitation letters); For details of the 22nd November contact Dr. Darryl Macer, AUSN, Email: Darryl@eubios.info.


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