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The SE Outreach Accelerator is a scaling program for social entrepreneurs running  businesses that address social and environmental challenges facing the developing world. 

The program consists of three parts and runs over a period of six months. You will spend 3 x 2 weeks in Stockholm attending seminars, workshops and individual coaching sessions. An experienced mentor will also be assigned to you to help support you throughout the program. In between the two sessions in Stockholm you will return to your home country for a practical implementation phase.

The SE Outreach Accelerator is designed to ensure that you leave Stockholm with the skills and confidence required to scale up your social enterprises and increase your impact on the world!

How to apply: Click here to fill out the application form. Read further down for more information about the program and the eligibility criteria.
Language: Language of instruction is English.
Cost: Free to attend, with most costs covered. Click here for more information.

Program Structure

The first part of the program will be held in Stockholm for three weeks. During this time you will focus on assessing and understanding your business opportunities and drivers. You will also have your first meeting with your Stockholm-based mentor and start to build relationships with your fellow participants.

After part one you will travel back to your home country for a four month implementation period where you will put into action what you have learned, test out new ideas and network. While doing this you will still have the support of SE Forum, your mentors and fellow participants from the program. During this time you will have deliverables, which you will have to meet to be able to come back for the second part of the program.

For the final part of the program you will travel back to Stockholm to spend another three weeks with your peers. During this time you will meet with your mentors, learn from each other’s experience and participate in workshops and coaching sessions with subject matter experts who will help you address the operational aspects of the challenges and opportunities you identified during the 4 month implementation period.


What you will gain:

  • International business school exposure – during your time in Stockholm you will be trained and coached by lecturers from leading universities such as Stanford University and Stockholm School of Economics.
  • Interactive content – you can share your ideas and learnings with your team, mentors and advisors through an interactive business opportunity assessment platform.
  • Intimate group,  global network – with a maximum of 8 participants per accelerator, you have an opportunity to form close relationships with social entrepreneurs from across the world – who will become an important part of your support network as you continue your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Social entrepreneurship expertise – social entrepreneurs face challenges and opportunities that regular entrepreneurs are not exposed to, with 12 years of experience in the social entrepreneurship field, SE Forum has a lot of learnings and networks to draw from.
  • International network – SE Forum has a social entrepreneur alumni that spans over 60 different countries, so if you are looking to scale, you can direct questions to entrepreneurs in that geographical location.
  • Certificate of completion – upon graduation you will receive a certificate of completion.


The SE Outreach Accelerator is open for applicants with:

  • Any background or nationality
  • No requirement to have a registered enterprise prior to the program
  • Both for-profit and non-for profits enterprises
  • No requirement to already have a written business plan
  • No requirement to have revenue streams/profitability prior to the program

To apply we require that:

  • You are at at least 18 years old
  • You have an operating project/enterprise that targets social and/or environmental issues facing the developing communities
  • Your project/enterprises can be scaled and replicated to benefit more people
  • You are passionate about creating positive impact with your project/enterprise and have the ambition of making it financially sustainable from sources beyond donations
  • You are the founder of such project/enterprise with mandate to make executive deicisions.
  • You can fully participate in a program conducted entirely in English (read/write/speak/comprehend)
  • You are open-minded and willing to share your experiences in a co-working, co-learning environment


Make sure to read through the eligibility criteria and the FAQ before you apply.

Step 1:

Application, 1st round


First round applications are open between October 3-31, 2016. Deadline is 10:00 AM CET (Stockholm time) on October 31st. Applications that come in after this deadline will not be reviewed. Submit your application here.

Step 2:

Application, 2nd round


A selected group of candidates will sent a link by November 4 to fill in a second application. The second round application is due by November 14 2016.

Step 3:



Interviews will be conducted (on Skype) with top applicants between November 28 and December 9, 2016.

Step 4:



Selected social entrepreneurs are announced by December 19, 2016.

The application for SE Outreach Accelerator 2017 has now opened. Deadline for the first application round is October 31 2016, 10:00 AM CET (Stockholm time).

Applications are to be submitted via an online form, click here to apply.

It is not possible to save your answers along the way while completing the questions so we recommend that you download the questions, prepare your answers on a text file and copy and paste into the online form. Only selected applicants will be asked to complete the second application, but as the second application round is short (November 4-14 2016), we encourage motivated applicants to read through and possibly prepare answers to these questions beforehand.

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